Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learning from an Old Master: Franz Hals

 "Learning by Imitating: Copying Franz Hals"
Oil on Canvas, 6" sq., c. Catherine Vines
This is a copy of a detail from a Franz Hals portrait, a master at painting and specialist at the portrait. I worked to learn as much as possible, even trying to reproduce his brush strokes. The freedom of his brushwork is amazing.
Although the lighting is off on my photograph (more light toward the right), and my copy has a sneer Hals' didn't, it gives a fair idea how far my learning has progressed.

Friday, September 2, 2011

"It Will Be the Death of Me"

Oil on Canvas, 6" sq., c. Catherine Vines
My mother used to say this, "It will be the death of me." all the time, usually referring to something I had done. I was beginning to think that would be true of this painting.
Part of it was my own fault: I tried to change the lighting direction to the opposite side. It seems to have been complete beyond me.  I couldn't keep the facial features right if I changed the lighting. My old troubles with reversal kicked in so I ending up scraping more than I painted!
Olivia is a seventh-grader this year. I hadn't appreciated what a pretty girl she is until I worked on her portrait.