Sunday, February 27, 2011

Choosing Color

This is #5 from my series on trees.  I followed a suggestion from Ken Kewley in his "Notes on Color" by picking out my favorite color as a starting point.  You don't have to be long in my house to see that aqua rules.  His article offers much food for thought and you can read it at "Painting Perceptions," a wonderful blog in itself.
Only my third time blogging and I have already deleted my first posted photo about my studio.  Since I am such a slow painter, I'm sure I'll be returning to that subject when I'm out of paintings.  Even with this photo of the aqua trees, I see things I could tweek.  See why I have so much trouble being really finished! And why my friends are always fussing about my not signing my work - it's not done yet!!!

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