Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strategies for Mixing Flesh Tones

"A Midvalue Mixture Based on Grumbacher Red Light"
Oil Paints on Glass Palette
I am experimenting with mixing flesh tones using Suzanne Brooker's strategy from her book, "Portrait Painting Atelier."
I decided to start with my usual red for flesh tones, Grumbacher Red Light.  
The center left shows the Red Light in its pure form, then lightened with a combination of Titanium White and Zinc White to create a medium value in the big pile in the center.  All subsequent mixtures are made from this center pile combined with other colors.
Directly to the right you can see Yellow Ochre Light in its pure form. Straight above the Ochre and to its left are the combinations of the Red Light pile and Ochre with varying amounts of white.
The bottom right corner combines the Red Light pile and Naples Yellow.
Bottom left combines the Red Light pile and Green Umber.
Top left is the Red Light pile plus Raw Umber. (Missing is the pure form of Raw Umber.)
I was disappointed that I didn't get a greater variety of midtones.  I decided the Naples Yellow combination was too orange, though the lightest mixture was lovely. And I would like to try the Green Umber using more green.
Next time I intend to try terra rosa in the center.

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