Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Palette for Painting Faces in Oil

"Current Palette for Painting Faces"
c. Catherine Vines
If you look closely, you will see that the back half of the palette is cools and the front half warms. (Just ignore that bit of Cobalt Blue in the lower left hand corner; sometimes I run out of room. )
For the warms, I am using Cad Red Med (in this case, Gambil) plus Yellow Ochre Light, valued out by  a combination of Titanium White and Zinc White. 
What is different about the last painting I did (see yesterday's post) was the addition of the Yellow Ochre and white - without the red. This helped the problem I have sometimes with unwanted ruddiness.
For the cools, I used Utretch's Alizarin Crimison plus Yellow Ochre Light, with varying amounts of the whites. The left rear corner shows cools plus the Cobalt Blue, which is not as purplish as the Ultramarine.
Sorry about that arrow in the middle. Apparently I have learned how to make a video from my IPad!

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