Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Painting Portraits from a Different Perspective

Oil on Canvas, 6" sq., c. Catherine Vines 
Lest you think this is just another beautiful face, you should know she is also a gifted professional magician from a mutil-generational family of magicians. Who would have guessed? Her husband, also a magician, is a regular performer on "Letterman."
Do I live in an interesting neighborhood or what?
Her brown hair was so interesting to paint, a rich dark color with a variety of highlights. And that long column of a neck....


  1. I'm seeing really good things evolving in your portraits! This is a really hard perspective but it has so much dynamism. I'm assuming you've captured this dynamic woman's personality beautifully!

  2. Thanks so much. Progress can be such an elusive dream that I'm glad you see something happening. The last thing I want is to paint the same thing (so to speak) the same way over and over. My latest goal is to have a more painterly -less literal - surface.