Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What If?

Acrylic on Masonite, 20x16," c. Catherine Vines
I had a mini-revelation about my painting last night. Although I work for the most part in a series, I enjoy switching it up, oils to acrylics to watercolors, small formats to large (even very large), and a whole variety of subject matter. 
To tune into my blog on any given day is a question waiting to be answered. What will it be this time?
I realized I could feature a more consistent style if I were to focus. Even though I am very serious about my painting, for now I am enjoying the question, "What if?" too much to stop exploring.
By the way, the owner of this particular painting lectured me on why ""Herman" should be "Henrietta," but as his mother, I could never quite make the switch.

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